Dental Insurance

We’re happy to offer plans from many different carriers, for HMO and PPO plans.  Please click the links below to explore the options.  For explanations of the various plans, read our info following the links.


Individual Delta Dental – PPO & low cost DeltaCare HMO

If you’re looking for the Delta Dental Premier network, use the “Dental for Everyone” link below.  The top link shows PPO network plans with 6 month waiting periods for major services, rather than 12 months on the other quoting pages.


Dental for Everyone – Quoting Service


Dental Quotes through Quotit — Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Delta Dental PPO and Delta Premier

Individual DeltaCare HMO

(Deluxe benefits, higher premium)  Includes policy info, rates and online application)


Types of plans:

HMO Dental, also called DMO or DHMO, require that you see ONLY dentists in the network for your plan.  Use of specialists, like Endodontists, happens only with a referral from your primary dentist.  Typically these plans offer very deep coverage with unlimited maximum benefits, small copayments for each service and No waiting periods!  You can change your dentist by notifying the plan, but check the networks carefully.  A very small percentage of dentists will accept this type of coverage.  It ‘s the best type of plan if you need a lot of dental work right away and don’t mind driving some distance to your dentist.  Delta Dental’s DeltaCare network is an example of an HMO.  They offer a low cost HMO plan with high copayments through their website directly, and we have a higher cost plan with much lower copayments available through Wolfpack Administrators (last link above).


PPO Dental plans allow you receive services from any dentist.  Those outside of the network may charge more for services than network dentists, but there is more flexibility in these plans.  Typically you’ll see a 12 month waiting period for major services and a 6 month waiting period for minor or basic services.  Benefits may have an annual maximum of $1000 to $2000, and you’ll see deductibles and coinsurance (i.e. they pay 80%, you pay 20%).  Another type of benefit pays a “Scheduled Amount” for each service rather than a percentage.  If your dentist charges more than this amount, you’ll be responsible for the difference.


Please call our office for help with your selection, or answers to your questions.

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