International Medical Plans


Visitors from outside the U.S.A.?


Your current health plan most likely provides coverage for medical emergencies if you’re on vacation outside the USA, but if you plan to stay more than a few weeks, we should discuss international medical coverage.  Policies are available for US citizens in other countries or foreign nationals visiting the US.  If you need coverage for a group of employees or for an individual or family, we can help.  Since each situation is different, please call the office to discuss the details.


Plans for varying lengths of time are available, from 5 days to three years.  Very limited underwriting is involved, and coverage can be issued quickly.  You may view quotes and apply online, printing your evidence of coverage and ID cards from your home or office computer.    Click the links below to view benefits and rates from the top sources of International travel coverage:






HTH/GeoBlue Travel (Medical Only)


HCC International Medical Insurance


IMG / International Medical Group *


CIGNA Global Individual

(For long trips lasting 6 months or more)


(HTH has an I Phone app for several popular locations, giving you access to English Speaking doctors, map hospitals and pharmacies, translate brand name equivalents, get emergency info, etc. There is an alternate version that work on other mobile devices.)

*IMG has had some issues with phone access while outside the country, and one of our client has had difficulty getting claims paid.  Although they have attractive rates, we cannot enthusiastically recommend this company.  Please call our office to discuss prior to making your purchase.

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