Long Term Care Insurance

If you’re interested in this coverage, please contact our office (phone or Email) with your name and age, and information on your spouse (if any).  We should have a personal conversation about your goals for the plan and benefits needed.  We have several carriers to show you, with plans inside the California Partnership for Long Term Care and non-partnership policies.  Thanks for your interest!

Long Term Care Insurance will give you options and help preserve your independence as you age.   There are many options to consider, such as daily or monthly benefit level for your area, elimination period, benefit period, Home or Facility Care (or both), Inflation Protection, Non-Forfeiture Riders, and whether you’d like to participate in the California Partnership for Long Term Care (policies to help you protect your assets).  There is no “on line” software adequate to consider your individual needs.  We will be happy to provide custom illustrations for you from many insurance companies, including  Genworth, John Hancock, Prudential, Transamerica and others.

Medicare does not cover Long Term Care, but provides limited benefits for Skilled Nursing Facilities for up to 100 days following a 3 day hospital admission.   If you’re planning on MediCal picking up the tab, you’ll need to “spend down” your assets to the poverty level, and the State may attach a lien to your home.  Your children may want to help care for you, but many willing offspring are not equipped (physically or emotionally) to care for an aging parent needing daily bathing, feeding, help in and out of bed, etc.  In addition, your son or daughter may have to quit a full-time job to make the time to care for you, putting their finances in jeopardy.  Long Term Care Insurance will help keep you independent and allow you the dignity you deserve.

You may appreciate the information below (publications provided by the California Partnership for Long Term Care).  Printed copies are available from our office as well.

Before You Buy 2012

Asset Protection:  A Special Benefit created for Californians

What Happens When Long Term Care Costs Rise

2012 Are You Ready

Taking Care Of Tomorrow (this one takes a while)


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