Medical Plans – Individual and Family


Websites for Individual and Family Plan Provider Networks

For California Residents who would like instant quotes and benefit information for health insurance, including on-line application information:


We are certified to offer plans through Covered California! 


We’re pleased to offer you HMO, PPO and EPO plans, as well as HDHP policies which can be used with Health Savings Accounts.  Most carriers offer HSA qualified plans.  These will be the high deductible plans (originally introduced as MSA qualified plans).  These policies will allow you to open a Health Savings Account and enjoy tax savings for money you’ve earmarked for health expenses.  More information on these accounts may be viewed in our Resources section.

To see if your doctor(s) and other providers are in the network for the plans you’re considering, consult the online directories for each carrier.

ON LINE Applications are available!  If you’ve decided on your favorite plan and would like to apply now, please click the following links:

  • For Anthem Blue Cross website and on-line application, click here
  • For Blue Shield website and on-line application, click here
  • For Health Net website and on-line application, click here
  • For Kaiser website and on-line application, click here

Information provided is based on the most current rate tables available, but will be subject to change by the individual carriers with very little notice.  We prefer to work with clients personally, so give us a call if you’d like to review the options together.  DO NOT CANCEL your current coverage when you apply for a new plan, wait until you have been approved by your new carrier and your policy has been issued.

If you currently have group coverage and will be leaving the group on COBRA or CalCOBRA, carefully consider your one opportunity to purchase an individual plan, either through a carrier directly, or through Covered California.  Once you leave the group, you will not be able to resume COBRA or CalCOBRA.  If you do not accept individual coverage when it is first available, you’ll be unable to purchase an individual policy again until COBRA or CalCOBRA ends. Please phone so we can get together and discuss the options and help with the paperwork!

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