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Medicare is a valuable program, offering conventional health coverage through parts A & B, Part C or Medicare Advantage (formerly Choice +) plans and Part D (prescription drug coverage).  Most Medicare Beneficiaries find that parts A & B and a supplement (A through N) give them freedom to use any doctor they wish at home or while on vacation.  If you plan to travel, or perhaps move to a rural area, HMO plans (part C) may not work as well for you.

Before we can assist you with enrollment in your Supplement, your Part D, or your Medicare Advantage plan, you need to be enrolled in Parts A & B.  Here’s some information about enrolling: New to Medicare – or – Apply Online for Medicare

Medicare Part A primarily covers hospitalization and inpatient services, has a hospital deductible of $1408 in 2020 ($1365 in 2019) per benefit period, Coinsurance of $352/day for days 61-90 each benefit period and a $704/day copayment amount for the 60 “lifetime reserve days”.  Skilled Nursing Facilities are generally covered following a 3 night minimum Medically Necessary Inpatient Hospital stay for a related illness or injury.  Part A covers 100% of the first 20 days, then you pay $176.00 per day for days 21-100.  There are no benefits following day 100 in each benefit period.  Part A is typically free to those who have worked and paid taxes for at least 40 quarters.  If you did not work 40 quarters, the premium for Part A is $437 monthly for those with less than 30 quarters of Medicare Covered Employment, less if you’ve had between 30 and 39 quarters of Medicare Covered Employment ($240/mo).

Medicare Part B covers outpatient services after a $198 deductible, generally at 80% of the Medicare allowed amount, and will cost between $144.60/month and $491.60/month for 2020, based on your income. In 2018.  If your Modified Adjusted Gross Income on your 2018 tax return was greater than $87,000 (filing single) or $174,000 (filing jointly), you’ll want to review this publication:  Premiums for higher income beneficiaries 2019 . There are also higher premiums on Part D.

For more information about Medicare, please refer to the publication Medicare and You 2020. This guide is updated annually. Premiums for Part B, as well as for Prescription Drug Plans (Part D) and Medicare Advantage plans will vary, based on your income.  

Medicare Supplements are designed to fill in the “gaps” in Medicare A & B. Depending upon which plan you select, your supplement may pay the deductibles, the coinsurance and any excess charges made by your provider.  These plans are named with letters of the alphabet, and were first introduced in that format in 1992.  Modernized plans are available, with the revisions as of June, 2010.  For a quick overview of benefits, please refer to the Plan Comparison for 2010 and later.

Most Medicare Supplements indicate there is a 90 day pre-existing condition exclusion.  This does not apply if you purchased your Medicare Supplement during a guaranteed issue window or if you had at least 6 months of prior continuous qualifying coverage.  You may want to refer to page 15 of the booklet,”2017 Choosing a Medigap Policy: A Guide to Health Insurance for People with Medicare to learn more about how this may or may not apply to you.  Several other pages address this issue, as well.

In 2020 Plans C and F will no longer be available for NEW Medicare Beneficiaries.  Those who turned 65 prior to 2020 will be able to continue on those plans.

We’ve prepared pages for the ages listed below to give you the monthly rates for Medicare Supplements in the Santa Cruz County area.  These rates are for non-smokers in good health or those purchasing a Medicare Supplement during a “guarantee issue” period.  If you’re in Southern California or need “smoker” rates, give us a call!

Medicare Supplement Rates:

Click the appropriate age below to view current rates from eight different insurance companies:


Under Age 65

Age 65

Age 66

Age 67

Age 68

Age 69

Age 70

Age 71

Age 72

Age 73

Age 74

Age 75

Age 76

Age 77

Age 78

Age 79

Age 80

Age 81

Age 82

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Age 85

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Age 88

Age 89

Age 90 and Above

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